The Pastor’s Kid

Today I am so blessed and proud to be a PK.

based on my personal experience, the view of life and God through a PK’s glasses is a unique one. His struggles and God’s process for him is peculiar. How so? take a glance..

When the pastor preaches, the kid compares his dad’s preaching with what really happens at home. A big invisible sign that reads “I’m a P.K.” follows him around everyday. The kid has to sacrifice a lot for God’s work. The pastor’s ministry is the PK’s evil nemesis. Instead of asking “how can I express myself?” he asks “How can I keep my Dad’s image?”. Because he’s heard so much of the teachings of the bible, when he fails obeying them, he condemns himself and feels so ashamed of life. He hides so much things from everyone around him by wearing different masks to hide his bruises. However, in the end, although he feels that he’s supposed to know God better than his other friends, he does not know him personally. To him, Jesus is merely a sunday school imagery. His stomach is sick of “religion”, yet what he is doing is nothing more than that.

But God loves The Pastor’s kid so much. He is not only a “part” of his parents’ story. His author wrote him his own life story. He is of great significance to God.

When the PK truly find this eternal love and purpose, life becomes a thousand fold more precious. As God heals and restores his heart, He starts to understand that his identity is not in those two capital letters: PK, but it is in “God’s son”. Instead of sacrificing himself for God’s work, he becomes God’s work within the live of others. What he knew as “christianity” is stripped down one by one and replaced by grace. What was driven by fear and condemnation, now is driven by an unconditional love and a burning passion. He is an open letter of Christ so that people can read of him and know the one that wrote his story, and who is written in his life. Christ is not just a pious description of the best version of the pastor or the kid, Christ is the real deal and he lives within the P.K.

Watch as God and life unfold through the eyes and life of the Pastor’s kid.

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