Coffee & Bibles

Birthing from a passion for Jesus and the Church, I started a blog in 2010 as a means of self reflection and for the purpose of sharing my thoughts & my story as a son of a Pastor with the world. That’s how “the Pastor’s Kid” was born. You can still find and read my older posts under the Pastor’s Kid category. It had a surprising response from friends and family all around the world. I want to say thank you for all your encouragements and for witnessing my growth in that chapter of my life.

Funny how things change, the Pastor’s Kid is now a Pastor, and he is trying to engage in a different conversation.. 

Since he was small, his parents, like any good parents, had taught him not to talk to strangers. Even now all grown up, everyone – including himself – still prohibits him from talking to people. They tell him that the world is filled with bad people. Exchanging words and wonderful ideas with them is a NO NO!

“Especially talking to them about Jesus; that’s the ultimate NO NO! They won’t like you, they’ll hate you for it..” they said.

What say the Pastor’s kid? He grabs a cup of coffee and a bible on his other hand. Filled with the love of Jesus, he is determined to break this stupid rule..


Working at Church, studying at a Christian institution, surrounded with Christian friends and family, I find myself being further and further away from the lost world that Jesus loves. Coffee & Bible is my attempt on sharing about Jesus to those around me. It is my on going conversation with those who Jesus loves the most: sinners just like me.

Maybe you are like me, filled with fear and doubts about sharing the gospel. This blog then is for you. As you follow along my adventures, I pray that God will stir something inside of you just as he already did in me. Let my failures be your learning points and my success be your joy.

OR Maybe you are searching for truth, forgiveness, an answer or peace beyond understanding. I pray that as you are reading this blog you will meet with my Lord Jesus. He loves you! This blog is also for you.

So follow me from one coffee shop to another and join this conversation one sip at a time..

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