About Me

Hi, my name is Christian Alexander Leo. Named after Christianity, Alexander the Great and a Lion apparently.

Love Jesus very much.

Half-Indonesian-half-Chinese. Just reached a Quarter of a Century this year. I can officially rent a car now.

The oldest son of Dad and Mom (Ps. Eddy Leo and Rose Leo). Related to the younger brother (Daniel Leo).

Love Tatya aka the Girlfriend.

Into Movies, Books, The Roman Period, Weird Stuffs, Coffee, Good Conversation & Laughs.

Graduated in 2011 with a BA in Speech Communication from Cal State Fullerton (Go Titans!). Currently pursuing MA in Intercultural Studies from Biola University (Woohoo Eagle!).

Serving as one of the pastors in Abbalove Church in Los Angeles, CA (Covina precisely). I love the Body of Christ.

I am The Pastor’s Kid.”

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