Divine Appointment I

February 22, 2013 § 4 Comments

“I counted to three in my head followed by a long exhale, turned my head and finally said: what’s up man? After a cold stare and a couple seconds of silence, John replied me with a quick hey before going back to his newspaper. I thought to myself, how awkward was that..”

“How did I end up talking to a stranger? Let me rewind real quick to Sunday.

As I already mentioned in my last post (read it here), God stirred something within me through the Sunday message. Placing my hand on my chest, I told him that I want to have compassion for those who he loves, to be a bold witness for the Gospel and pray for the Unreached People Groups of the world. I was on fire!!!!

Monday morning, once again I felt the Holy Spirit moved me to pray for the lost, so I did. I didn’t know who I was praying for, but my heart was burning. When I asked him who did he want me to witness to, God showed me two places: the Starbucks near my place and the Gym where I usually workout in. I was excited and anxious altogether, but I knew that God wanted me to meet someone [or more than one person?] that night:

I showed up in Starbucks at 5PM, the barista greeted me as I entered the door. I said a little prayer in my heart while
looking around. People were studying and chatting like usual. Ordered my usual sweetened-ice coffee-with half & half when suddenly something caught my attention. I learned that my Barista’s name was Calvin from his name tag. So I said hi and asked about his name. He told me he didn’t know what it means and asked me if I knew anything about it. I told him of a Christian Theologian named Calvin and asked him if he was religious (whaa..??). Calvin told me that he is
Iced-CoffeeCatholic but does not really practice it. I sat at the bar in front of him and had a great chat with him. I wanted to share about Jesus with him but Calvin of course had to help with new customers walking in.

Now alone by myself, I started praying again, asking God for direction. Before I finished praying, a guy with a newspaper sat next to me. I thought wow! this must be the person:

“I counted to three in my head followed by a long exhale. I turned my head and finally said: what’s up man? After a cold stare and a couple seconds of silence, John (I overheard his name) replied me with a quick hey before ignoring me and went back to his newspaper. I thought to myself, how awkward was that. His body language mouthed: “Don’t bother me, not in the mood of talking.”

A bit disappointed being shot down, I prayed again. Then at that time:

I turned around and saw this guy sitting alone reading Dr. Edwin Louis Cole’s book: Maximized Manhood [A Great Christian book for man]. Before I could approach him, his friend came in through the door and sat down in front of him; they started chatting away. I finally mustered up some courage, came to their table and introduced myself. I told them that I saw them reading the book from a far and couldn’t help to say hi. Found out that Ronn & Tom [who were Christians] were getting ready to teach a Bible Study to the inmates in the Chino State Prison that night. I was so amazed at God and this divine appointment. I joined their preparation; they were going to talk about forgiveness. In the end asked if I could pray for them and their ministry that night. We prayed together right there and then. Ronn shared to me about prison ministry and gave me his card. Then we said goodbye and parted ways.

Even with so little success (or so it may seemed), I was filled with so much joy from meeting Calvin, John (although I didn’t talk much with him) and the Prison ministry guys. I learned a lot from that Starbucks appointment with the Lord:

– God taught me how to be obedient to his voice in witnessing to others.

– I must follow the Spirit lead and should not be afraid of making a mistake. Screw ups are normal!

– God gave me words and wisdom on the spot as I initiated my conversations.

People wants to talk to you! Even about their faith or beliefs. 

Hope God will speak and challenge you through my experience. And  I hope you can gain some insights from this.

I thought my night was over, but I was dead wrong. Someone else was waiting for me at the Gym.



§ 4 Responses to Divine Appointment I

  • harris says:

    whoaaa nice chris. haha you’re good at this (talking to people and writing) and I enjoy your blog. its interesting.

  • Eric Wong says:

    That is pretty tight dude. That was actually how I used to live my life more and that was how I met you, but then I became religious and a church goer stuck in a building, but now I am becoming more like that once again. Cool testimony bro 🙂

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