Three Things I Learned About Witnessing

February 20, 2013 § 3 Comments

Last Sunday my buddy Josh the director of Global Gospel Movement shared a fiery sermon with us about evangelism. This guy is nuts (in an amazing Jesus way!) At 12 he felt the Lord called him to preach the gospel across America. Guess what, so he did! Went backpacking with another friend for 6 months to preach the Gospel. He is my new role model, I have much respect for him and have a lot to learn from the guy.

As I was listening to Josh preaching, God stirred something within me. I learned three important things about witnessing (from Mt. 9:34-38):

1. Do not wait until we FEEL compassion to witness. If this is the case, you will never move. Compassion will come, as we are immersed in loving others and sharing the good news.

2. Prayer must always lead our witnessing not the other way around. Learn to stop yourself, give up your agenda and listen to the Holy Spirit.

3. If we do not expect ourselves to play like Kobe Bryant the first time we pick up a Basketball, why do we expect seeing the same result like Apostle Paul’s when we just start witnessing? It’s a learning process, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, awkwardness or rejections. Conversation is an art and skill, we need to practice.

God actually gave me the opportunity to practice what I learned from Josh. My heart was burning with compassion until I couldn’t contain it anymore, I had to go, obeyed Holy Spirit and went witnessing on Monday. And WOW! I was so surprised with my experience. It broke down my paradigm about people. I made a commitment that I am going to go witness at least once a week and blog about my experience.

I’ll share about Monday night on the next post.. Because it’s late now, I’m going to bed. Cheers!



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