First post by the pastor’s kid!

October 5, 2010 § 12 Comments


Recently God has opened a lot of new and fresh revelation about life and Christ (and His body of course) that excite me to the core.

I also have learned about God’s grace and how wonderful it is.

What inspired me to start a new blog is a post by Frank Viola (I believe God is using him so powerfully to equip the church) READ IT HERE: Frank’s post

I never really saw the need to start blogging until I understand its significant. As youth especially, we know how powerful the media is to spread news and stories. It’s time for God’s story to be spread out through the new media.

As frank stated, Technology is the new roman road.

Read the About me section for introduction to this blog and other information about myself.

Now, some people has heard me talking about “the eternal purpose” and “the mystery of Christ”.

This is the book you want to read (click on the image to buy it in Amazon):

Cover of

Cover via Amazon

Through this book, God is going to open your eyes to the big picture of life: your existence, Christ and the church. And how the divine romance plays out through the ages.

through the eyes of Christ, reading the word of God will not be the same. You will find out how little we know of God’s mysterious plan which is our Lord Jesus Christ.

I will share more about what I get from it in my next posts

Other books I have read/ am reading:

>Frank viola’s book (From eternity to here -end, Jesus Manifesto with Leonard sweet -in progress, and The untold story of the New testament church -in progress)

>Francis Chen (Crazy love -in progress)

>Watchmen nee (The Normal Christian Life -in progress)


§ 12 Responses to First post by the pastor’s kid!

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